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Code : 5/7
Season : 391
Model : RSA1
Color : SILVER
Material : SILVER925
Size : F
Price:¥95,000(tax out)


ASKYY's first bracelet, composed of bangles, chains, and charms. The bangle part features a sharp and inorganic design, contrasting with delicate chains attached to it. It can be fastened with the claw part attached to the end of the chain (or simply slipped over the wrist). The dangling charms sway with movement, adding accents. A smoked finish is applied in the final stage, creating a tasteful craftsmanship. This minimal yet timeless design ensures long-lasting enjoyment. *Please note that while it comes in a two-piece set with different charms, individual pieces are also available for purchase.

ASKYYのブランドネームを模したプレート。以前発売したASKYY TAG RINGでも同じプレートを用いている為、リングとセットでの統一感ある着用が可能。長い方のプレートにある真鍮のゴールドカラーがアクセント。チェーンのコマは細長く華奢なタイプ。

A plate inspired by the ASKYY brand name. Similar to the plate used in the previously released ASKYY TAG RING, it allows for a unified look when paired with the ring. The brass gold color on the longer plate serves as an accent. The chain are slender and delicate in style.


An original charm faithfully reproducing the "YY" logo of ASKYY in 3D. It is delicately crafted, with a size that doesn't overly assert itself, which is a key point. The chain selected is slightly thicker and more wild in style compared to the plate type.


Since the design is originally aged, daily maintenance is unnecessary. However, if you prefer a clear shine without the smoked finish, you can polish it with a silver cloth or similar.

■Intention and Background of the Creation
製作意図や詳細についてのブログ : https://wp.me/p97mvd-by7

販売開始 5/18(土)12:00- 直営店・EC同時発売

[PLATE TYPE]https://www.askyy-shop.com/items/83180912
[YY TYPE]https://www.askyy-shop.com/items/83180928

厚み 0.3cm

*Earliest delivery date is 5/21(Tue) (may require more days depending on delivery address).

*Tax included.

*Limit of 1 per order.

*Shipping fee is not included.More information

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